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Automatically find duplicate or similar audio files of different formats incl MP3, WMA, OGG
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18 March 2011

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With your music collection soaring up with new music files, there is a possibility of the existence of several duplicate files existing within. Now, if you’re planning to find and remove them manually, you surely would end up wasting lots of your time and efforts in doing so. Nonetheless, now you don’t require confronting these hassles as you can take the services of a competent tool for performing the task efficiently. One such utility that supports comparing audios and remove the unwanted ones from your collection is Audio Comparer 1.4. The utility is a great audio comparing tool that facilitates all audio formats, whether they’re with or without tags. One of the amazing features of the program is that it listens to the audio files similar to humans and remembers each one of them, after which it locates the duplicate files accordingly.

Using the Audio Comparer 1.4 application helps you in locating audio file duplicates so that you can save your disk space and manage you music collection well. With simple program console, it provides you with navigable feature-set to carry out the process with. It comprises of a wizard that takes you through a sequential process for comparing audio files according to user-set preferences. The prompt firstly prompts you to select what you want to locate from similar audio files or exact duplicates. When you’ve selected the action, the program begins playing each of your audio files and simultaneously presents the resulting duplicate files that it found. It even suggests you to keep a duplicate or remove it, or else even you can decide to copy, move, or delete the chosen file. The audio files are displayed along with their details to help you decide a suitable action.

Audio Comparer 1.4 carries out the duplicate audio file search within your collection, and helps you in moving or deleting them, as required. The program is worth giving a score of 3.5 rating points for its considerable performance coupled with simple but good feature-range.

Publisher's description

Audio Comparer is a must-have tool for every music lover. Even if your
music collection is not large there are surely several duplicates in
there. If you have a phenomenal audio memory you may try to find duplicates
yourself, though that would be very hard work. Audio Comparer tool will do it for
you. No matter what audio format your songs have, no matter they are
perhaps without tags. Audio Comparer doesn't need tags or pay attention to
the format. It just listens to your audio files like a human ear and
remembers your entire collection. Then the tool can quickly locate
similar and duplicate audio files.
Assume you have the same album of your favourite band in MP3 and WMA
formats. The only tool that can help you to automatically locate these
duplicates is Audio Comparer. The tool will suggest you what duplicate
is better to keep and what to remove according to their calculated
Audio Comparer
Audio Comparer
Version 1.6
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